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Contribution to the area's economic developement

View of the Industrial Area of Kilkis

Since 1984, when PRECONSTRUCTA S.A. was established, it commenced its production activity in the border area of Kilkis. The founder Mr. VASILIOS SERGIANNIDIS showed public spirit and was actively involved in the area’s politics, with the view to developing the Prefecture’s industry and to the financial and social progress to the area in general.

In his capacity as President of the ASSOCIATION OF INDUSTRIES OF THE PREFECTURE OF KILKIS; as president of the COMMERCIAL AND INDUSTRIAL CHAMBER OF KILKIS; as vice-president of the FEDERATION OF GREEK INDUSTRIES; as member of the REGIONAL COUNCIL; as member of the ADMINISTRATION OF THE REGIONAL FUND; and as member of the COMMITTEE FOR INVESTMENTS EVALUATION (law 2601/1998) OF THE REGION OF CENTRAL MACEDONIA, he fought and to this day is still fighting for the financial and industrial development of the Prefecture. Mr. Sergiannidis has in this way attracted new investments for the formulation of a more favourable operational framework for industrial and commercial companies of the Prefecture.