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Map of Central Macedonia

The modern equipped plant of the company is located in the Industrial Area of Kilkis in Stavrohori on a site of 48.000m˛, in a distance of 60km from Thessaloniki, with quick access via the new National Road Thessaloniki - Doirani or the National Road of the road Thessaloniki Evzoni. PRECONSTRUCTA S.A. has also offices in Thessaloniki and Athens.

The company constructs:

  • Industrial buildings, sorting out plants, packaging plants, ice chambers
  • Warehouses, tobacco warehouses, vertical type warehouses (silos)
  • Sport facilities
  • Schools
  • Military buildings
  • Office buildings, houses
  • Centrifuged concrete masts

PRECONSTRUCTA S.A. is handing over the works ready for occupancy or according to the clients’ order all over Greece and in neighbouring countries of the south-eastern Balkan Peninsula.

The company’s object is to meet all constructional demands with an unlimited variety of solutions using industrially produced (plant cast) precast structural units of reinforced and prestressed concrete.

View of the factory

In its plants, approximately 250 people are employed, including technicians and executives that can produce more than 160m3 of reinforced concrete daily within the two modern reinforced concrete units with an installed power of 930HP. During 1986-1998 the company has completed works of a total of 501.000m2 and during 1993-1998 has produced 25.000 concrete masts.

The company ranks first in the field of constructions assembled in precast structural concrete units in Greece and in the whole south-eastern Europe as well. This company’s status is enhanced by the computerisation of all its activities, by using the highest levels of technology in production and the constant care to maximise the quality of our products.