View of PRECONSTRUCTA S.A.-Industrial Area of Kilkis

Organisation of our production and complete product list

The company’s object is to meet all constructional demands with an unlimited variety of solutions using industrially produced (plant cast) precast structural units of reinforced and prestressed concrete.

The production is separated in three production lines:

1. Production line for PRECAST CONCRETE UNITS. The following elements are produced:

  • Construction elements for the erection of large buildings mainly with large roof spans up to 25m, such as :
    • Industrial plants and warehouses
      • Factory buildings
      • Horizontal type warehouses, sorting out plants, packaging plants
      • Tobacco warehouses and tobacco elaboration plants (one- or two-storeyed)
      • Ice chambers, industrial type slaughterhouses, etc.
    • Gymnasiums
    • One- and two-storey buildings (offices, etc.)
    • Military buildings
    • Prestressed concrete bridge girders
    • Concrete underground canals / air pipes
    In buildings constructed with the above-mentioned structural units, linear elements and panels from precast, reinforced and prestressed concrete formulate the building’s framing system.
  • Construction elements for multi-storey buildings with structural wall panels, such as:
    • Student hostels, apartments, etc.
    • schools
    In buildings constructed with the above-mentioned structural elements, the columns, beams etc. are precast, reinforced and prestressed concrete units (e.g. double slope girders, plates, facades, inner walls, pocket type foundation elements and columns).
    The company offers the complete line of shapes and has constructed many building using this system.

  • Construction elements for stands from reinforced concrete
  • Construction elements for vertical-type (silo) warehouses
  • Construction elements for chapels
  • Construction elements for fences, etc.

The roofed plant serving the production of the above-mentioned elements covers an area of 10.000m2.

2. Production line for PREFABRICATED TRANSPORTABLE CELLS from reinforced concrete for the construction of one-storey buildings, such as :

  • Houses and tourist facilities
  • Offices, laboratories, outpatient departments and community clinics, educational facilities, etc.
  • Schools (Infant schools, nursery schools, elementary schools, etc.)
  • Military buildings

The “Cells” (rooms), self-contained three-dimensional spaces, are constructed in the factory with their inner installations ready (floor tiles, water supply system, drainage, heating, lighting etc.) They are afterwards transported and placed. The production area covers an area of 2.000m2.

3. Production line for centrifuged, reinforced and prestressed or loosely armoured, CONCRETE MASTS:

  • conveyance of electric power
  • street or playing-field lighting
  • flag-staffs etc.

The centrifugal concrete masts are produced within a different production line under the use of special machines and formworks. The production area covers approximately 3.000m2.

In addition, PRECONSTRUCTA S.A. also offers constructions from prefabricated non-concrete structural elements with the TRELEMENT system.

PRECONSTRUCTA S.A. services its own works and delivers the buildings ready for occupancy in short time periods. Instead of depending on the timetables of subcontractors, it has self-contained departments of aluminium constructions, steel constructions, wood constructions, oil-paintings, liquid insulation for roofs, hydraulic and electric installations etc.