Quality and production regulations

View of the factory - Industrial Area of Kilkis

The company’s object is to meet all constructional demands with an unlimited variety of solutions using industrially produced (plant cast) precast structural units of reinforced and prestressed concrete.

The use of excellent quality raw materials; the production with modern methods; the continuous quality control during production in a fully equipped laboratory and the intimate co-operation with German and Italian offices for the transfer of technology, constitute an additional guarantee for the company’s reliability.

PRECONSTRUCTA S.A. received the Certificate of Quality Assurance ISO 9001 from the Certification Body TUV HELLAS (RWTUV) S.A.

Besides this, the company’s production also employs the Hellenic Regulations and the Eurocodes in cases where they would complement one another. In particular, the following regulations are also used:

  • Hellenic seismic code (Official Gazette 613 B/12/10/92)
  • Code for reinforced concrete structures (official gazette 1068B, 31/12/91, D11/3/13/3/95),
  • Code for reinforced concrete technology (official gazette b. 315/17/4/97, D14/19066/28/3/97)
  • Code for prefabricated structures using precast structural elements (D11B/49/5-7-99)
  • Code for heat insulation (official gazette)
  • Code for fire protection (presidential degree 71/88)
  • General construction code (G. C.R., law 1577/85, official gazette 210A/18-12-85)
  • Code for Building Construction (official gazette 59D/3-2-89)
  • EC8
  • EC2

All the above elevate PRECONSTRUCTA S.A. into the most important Hellenic company in the field of constructions assembled prefabricated structural units Greece and in south-east Europe as well. The status of the company is enhanced through the computerisation of its activities, of the use of the most modern technology in terms of production and the continual care for the improvement of its products’ quality.