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Sport facilities
gymnasiums - stands - poles for lighting of athletic grounds -

Roofed gymnasiums of the General Sports Secretariat (Amynteo-Aridea- Sidirokastro-Polygyros)

PRECONSTRUCTA S.A. has constructed indoor gymnasiums and outdoor sport facilities, stands etc., using precast concrete units according to the specifications by the General Sports Secretariat. It constructed and delivered concrete masts for the lighting of football grounds and other sport facilities up to 15.00m in height.

The stands are special type precast concrete elements. They are used for outdoor sport facilities and in indoor gymnasiums as well. The dimensions of the tiers are 0,44m in height and 0,80m in width. The width of a tier unit can reach 7,5m. These units are connected with each other, providing the desirable tier width. They are made from concrete quality C20/25, reinforced with steelbars S500s, S220.

Tier section (Click to enlarge!)

Football ground D.O.- Finikas in Thessaloniki