The quick and easy way in constructing, offering :

Industrial plants and warehouses
factory buildings
horizontal type warehouses - sorting out plants - packaging plants
tobacco warehouses - tobacco elaboration plants (one- or two-storeyed)
ice chambers - industrial type slaughterhouses -

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The industrial type buildings, warehouses, tobacco warehouses, sorting out plants, knitting factories, food industries etc., are assembled in industrially produced (plant cast) precast structural units of reinforced concrete, quality from C20/25 to C35/45 with S550s steel and prestressed steel St1620/1860.

The use of prestressed girders allows the bridging of large openings up to 25.00m without intermediate columns in one direction. Rectangularly to this direction the columns are placed every 10.00m. As regards the two-storey buildings, the above mentioned distances are changed, depending on the payload of the floor.

The side covering of the buildings is done with precast structural units of prestressed and reinforced concrete with intermediate insulation, proving thus an inexpensive, rapid and time wearing solution.

PRECONSTRUCTA S.A. is familiar with the investment laws that have been in force during the years as well as with the current law 2601/98.

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