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Concrete masts
conveyance of electric power
street and playing field lighting - ...

In 1992 PRECONSTRUCTA S.A. took further steps concerning the extension of its plants to produce centrifuged, reinforced and prestressed or loosely armoured concrete masts, meeting the needs of institutions as the Public Power Corporation (DEI); the Public Railway Organisation; the Ministry of the Interior; the Ministry of Environment - Urban Planning - Public Works; the Telecommunication Organisation of Greece (OTE); the Municipalities etc.

The production capability comes to 25.000 items annually. The concrete masts are made from concrete quality C35/45. They are of an excellent appearance, durable and up to 20% lighter than the commonly produced in domestic market.

The concrete masts can be produced from 5.00m to 15.00m in height, according to the most recent code of the Public Power Corporation (DEI) for transmission and light distribution and also according to the most recent specifications by the Ministry of Environment - Urban Planning - Public Works for playing-field lighting.

The company also produces concrete masts used by the Municipalities for the lighting of streets, junctions and squares, ranging from 5.00m to 12.00m in height.