The quick and easy way in constructing, offering :

infant schools - nursery schools - elementary schools
high schools - senior highschools - multi-branched schools - one- and multi-storey houses - ...

Infant school - Kilkis

2nd High school - senior high in Pylaia - Thessaloniki Infant school-School in Thermi - Thessaloniki

PRECONSTRUCTA S.A. constructs multi-storey schools from industrially produced (plant cast) precast structural units of reinforced and prestressed concrete and one-storey schools from transportable “cells” according to the specifications of the Organisation for Scholar Buildings S.A. (OSK). Usually infant schools, nursery schools and elementary schools are buildings with a ground floor only, while high schools, senior high schools and multi-branched high schools usually are multi-storey buildings.

2nd elementary school of Kalamaria - Thessaloniki